Letting Go with Guy Finley

The person who enables another human being believes the only choice they have is to somehow keep that person in line, save that person from themselves — not for the good of the other human being but because the enabler, without knowing it, believes that without the other person in their life, they won’t be anyone. They won’t have a chance. Nothing good will happen to them. So from the false belief comes the false responsibility of holding intact something that should never be kept intact.

We don’t suspect that we are packed full of these beliefs about ourselves and about life. We don’t suspect that the root of whatever it is that causes us to feel sad, unhappy, to enable the weakness of others, are false beliefs that produce a false sense of self through false responsibilities.

Learn what it means to be in possession of your self. When you’re in true possession of yourself, you won’t take part in helping another human being to hurt himself or herself so that you can feel as though you’re real. When you are in possession of yourself, you are living from a real life, from the real light inside of you that is pouring itself into you moment to moment.

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