Letting Go with Guy Finley

There are many un-illumined and downward trending parts in all of us that not only seek out their unconscious counterparts (in others) but that are secretly strengthened in the conflicted company of such dark and negative energies. We can see the truth of this strange spiritual condition by bearing witness to a common experience we have all known in one way or another:

We all know people who just “naturally” seem to bring out the worst in everyone they meet.

These low-level individuals and their dark baggage are toxic to the aspiring soul. The very presence of their company comprises what amounts to an unseen compromise to our developing wish for a God-centered, Light-filled life.

To unknowingly remain in the field of their negative energy is to create conditions under which these same dark forces will begin to seep into you — seeking out their invisible counterparts that are (always to some degree or another) lying hidden in the earth-stuff of one’s uninvestigated soul.

We would not agree to associate with troubling types were we not secretly drawing something out of such relationships. And should we dare to ask ourselves why anyone would spend his time resenting such persons, for whatever reason, the only honest answer that appears is there dwells in us something that likes the feeling of these slow fires.

We should know by now that we cannot change the dark and toxic parts of others, but we can leave behind us our own soul sickness. This conscious separation begins with our detection of inner darkness and then with allowing this same detecting Light within us to reject these soul-destructive energies.

We must never despair over any darkness found within us. The Truth is that such self-discovery is what the Good Celestial Doctor calls for! It opens the door for us to make new and better choices, bringing us into ever-brighter and higher relationships. Our inner discoveries make it possible for us to keep company with a conscious Light that gives us its life in return for our attentive friendship.

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