Letting Go with Guy Finley

Real greatness has absolutely nothing to do with anything that you can ever think about. It has nothing to do with any way in which you will ever imagine yourself. True greatness is a relationship with Greatness, and when you’re in true relationship with Greatness, with God, with Life, the very fact of that relationship places you in proper order in the relationship. You understand your role as a participant in this perfecting, perfected life.

You are the literal recipient of an influx of life that doesn’t think about itself. It is itself, and its life is your life. We don’t see the magnificence of it because we only know to look at life through eyes that can only see the content of a mind that is looking through the eyes. In other words, when we look out at the world, we don’t look and see the world that’s there, even at the most elementary level. We look out and see the objects, the behaviors, and the persons that our mind tells us are there because when it sees what it says is there, it is the see-er. It knows itself as being apart from – either abused by or uplifted by – those things that it has named as being outside of itself. Reality just isn’t like that, but our experience is that way because that’s our present level of understanding. We need to change it.

The true pursuit of a human being is to continually enter into a world larger than his or her knowledge of it because it is innate in us to want to be part of this expansive movement of Light, to grow, to understand.

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