Letting Go with Guy Finley

Do we not each go through what we can call the personal “seasons of life” during our lifetime on earth? We have all known, according to our years and their experiences, the sweet springtime of youth, the deep summer of fulfillment, the bittersweet fall of letting others do for us what we can no longer do, and the chill of winter: coming to the close of one’s life that is itself but a passing season in an unseen greater one. Do try and see the timeless beauty in all of this, and you will.

Is any one of us less than a rose, or the single raindrop that — in falling to feed and refresh the flowers — makes it possible for them to open and reveal their rainbow of colors and fragrance for us? The answer should be evident.

We are more than the rose, greater than the solar radiance that stirs her essence to bloom. For neither rose, nor sun’s radiance, is conscious of the great story they serve as they let go and give themselves up to Life.

In truth, we human beings are created unique among all things that take life and then give it back on the stage of Life; for we are made to witness this eternal story . . . and more.

We are not made to have only a relative role in this Great Story, to be — as are all other creatures — just a minor, passing actor upon its stage. No, the promise of our potential far outweighs even our ability to imagine it, for we have been created to consciously participate in its timeless telling.

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