As above so below: everything moves in, expresses itself, and grows in cycles. Think of the seasons: in the spring there is new movement, promise, and the advancement of the possibilities formerly at rest. In the summer is the fulfillment of these possibilities. Come the fall, natural forces subside; there is a reversal in the direction of energies. Enter the winter, and movement halts; everything rests in solitude within whatever has been brought forth in it prior to this cycle. Then, everything starts again.

When a person glimpses a truth, sees its veracity, feels its possibility within the higher parts of himself — the seed of his own higher possibilities is both awakened and planted in that same moment. This celestial seed holds all that can or will flower and fruit, and some of these essential elements are immediately perceived with the implanting of the original higher impression.

Suffice it to say that such a person is now moved by what he knows not, save for something of its beauty and strength; he is drawn to seek out the depths of himself from wherein appeared within him this seed moment. What grows in him thereafter — for its partial expression, or more perfected realization — depends on what he does with this gift. But regardless the outcome, he and his wish — his longing and its expression — are subject to these great laws governing the greater active and passive cycles as noted above.

Learn to observe these passing movements. Your discoveries that these conditions in your consciousness are exactly that — the ebb and flow of forces — free you from being identified with them. This order of freedom, born of higher self-awareness, is whole — incorruptible — because it isn’t dependent on any form or force that comes and goes as all must.
Persist with your wish to be free. Wish constantly; work consistently; and above all, work moment to moment to realize the freedom for which you long.

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