Letting Go with Guy Finley


I feel that the key to my elusive happiness is in finally figuring out what the purpose of life is… I keep looking at what the world offers, but find nothing really lasting!


We were created to fulfill the possibility of purpose and promise in our lives by going through a purification of ourselves in order to be unified. We are placed in situations we asked for to learn the lessons we need to learn. We must learn to work on being first and not on doing. What are you doing but looking outside of yourself for a sense of purpose?
To vest yourself in the false purposes of anything in time is to suffer, as every false purpose eventually turns into a punishment. You are doing time, and in time all things must pass. We must look towards the Timeless to fulfill the purpose and promise of our lives. Our work is to be “in the world but not of it” by standing on what is Timeless in ourselves in the moment, by anchoring ourselves in God. There is something inside us that can stand the test of time and that doesn’t get erased willy-nilly. It has nothing to do with doing things, with dividing ourselves up further and further, with being victims over and over again in a world of false promises. We find our purpose in making it our purpose to find what God has seeded within us. What a relief to stop looking for happiness, and what promise of True Purpose in each new discovery about ourselves!
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