When we see only our own ideas about why we’re feeling stressed, and they’re telling us how we’re entitled to be miserable, misery makes up the circle of our lives. But any time we are inwardly awake enough, we can choose to step outside the circle of stress we’ve come to think of as being ourselves. We can consciously direct our attention where we wish, which, in turn, helps us to establish a whole new experience of life. We begin to see through the eyes of a new self within ourselves that never feels despair or defeat.

When we perceive ourselves as being a captive in some circle of stressful thoughts, we can deliberately bring into our consciousness — in that same moment — the awareness of something outside this circle. And if we’ll hold our attention there, take a deep breath, and just let go of whatever thoughts may have been defining our sense of self the moment before, we instantly exit our formerly stressed-out self and the thought-produced reality responsible for it. In what can be only an instant of inner work we then find ourselves standing in a new world untouched by stress. 
Learn to look at all difficult moments as opportunities to come awake to yourself and a place from which you can practice stepping outside of the attending circle of stressful thoughts. In this way, work for yourself and upon yourself. Do your part and be assured: that great day of days will come when your developing awareness will forever shift from the unwanted world of your stressful life to the world of inner light wherein full and final freedom from stress is already yours.
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