Letting Go with Guy Finley

It is possible for the willing soul to awaken from its spiritual slumber, but such freedom has its cost: We must catch what compromises us, realize the fact of it, and then see how our identification with that unconscious character causes our continuing sorrow. Now, here’s the encouraging news: as we cease being identified with this unnatural, false self, our True Nature reveals itself. The sleeper is awakened. Real strength appears. The Light of a New Life shines within us, dispelling any dark cloud before it has a chance to form.

Following are seven sure signs of being spiritually asleep. Take each example and make it a separate self-study by meditating on both its unseen nature, as well as its detectable effect on you. Ask to see what you need to see about yourself in order to awaken. You will be set free. 
You are spiritually asleep if: 
1. You spend time thinking about the lives of others, and how they ought to live.
2. You talk excessively.
3. Your first inclination is to meet what the moment asks of you with a “No!”
4. You are unable to say, “I’m sorry,” when it is appropriate to do so.
5. You are always on the move, in a rush, and unable to be at peace with yourself.
6. You harbor a single enemy in your heart.
7. You believe that our world is the way it is because “they” are responsible.
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