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Have you ever thought about how great it would be to be a millionaire? I’m sure most of you have. That’ss why I’m happy to have Jaime Tardy, the author of The Eventual Millionaire: How Anyone Can Be an Entrepreneur and Successfully Grow Their Startup, as my guest today. She interviewed millionaires and shares their be advice in her book. Today she shares some great tips.9781118674703_cover.indd


Three Habits of Success Millionaires
By Jaime Tardy

I’ve had some really amazing discussions with a lot of very successful people….over 130 to be exact and that number keeps climbing.  The thing I’ve come to realize after all the interviews I have done with millionaires is that there are absolutely common themes on how they live their lives and approach their businesses. It’s quite inspiring and has helped me on my path as well. There are 3 habits that all of the millionaires I have talked to model their lives after.

Habit #1: HARD WORK  It seems like maybe a basic sort of thing to say, but it’s so crucial on the road to success. It’s not just about hard work, it’s about all of the details that go along with the hard work. And one of those details is looking at your life and your goals in continuous forward motion. Millionaires have their own way of saying it, but the consensus is disciplining yourself to make your priorities the life you are living today. Make sure you are choosing the right things to make progress on.

Another aspect of hard work is not to let your excuses stop you. We can always find plenty of reasons to give up on our dreams or goals because it’s hard to hear “no” and trudge through the difficulties. However, if we have the tenacity to persist and see the bigger picture and hang in there; the opportunities that await us on the other side are wide open.

This was such a common topic when I asked this question to all the various millionaires I’ve spoken with, they just persisted when things got tough and didn’t give up. Even myself, I knew I wanted to publish a book two years ago, I just didn’t know how I was going to do it. But I took their advice to heart, stuck to my guns and worked really hard, and now I’m thrilled to say that I did it! I published my very first book.

Action Item: Identify one excuse that has been holding you back and push through it and move forward anyway.

Habit #2: Maximize Opportunities  It’s all about seeing the opportunities that are in front of you and taking that next step. You have to do the work and put in the time in order to see the results and progress. But the great thing is, once you get going and take that step, the next steps present themselves because of the hard work you’ve been putting in.

And part of what goes along with this approach is maximizing the opportunity to see the future. I’m not talking about wishing you had a crystal ball to make all the decision making a no brainer, but take the time to stop and access all of the trends going on in your industry. Stop and ask yourself, “where do I want to be in three years?” Once you know those answers, look at the current opportunities that will affect that goal. This will help change your way of thinking and take control of the opportunities that are right in front of you.

Action Item:  Answer the question, “where do you want to be in three years?”  Identify at least one opportunity you can maximize right now to lead you to that goal.

Habit #3: Invest in Yourself  One of the best ways to do this is to keep learning. I can confidently say that successful people don’t stop once they become successful. They stay on the path to keep growing and becoming more aware and better at what they are doing.

There are multiple ways to keep learning, whether it’s reading, attending conferences, seeking out a mentor, or jumping in feet first. Everyone should and can find ways to keep learning that inspire us to realize that the most important aspect we have in this journey is ourselves.

You may already be successful and have a lot of knowledge and be great at what you do. But I have found that truly successful people understand there is always so much more to learn. There are always more people to meet, more questions to ask, more entries in the journal to write, and more time to mediate. I find this theory to be pretty insightful and helpful; just keeping seeking out information and keep listening. Invest in growing your skills, invest in growing your network, and most importantly, invest in making yourself happy.

Action Item: Read one new book, attend one conference, or seek out a mentor today.  Make learning a regular habit.

You are on your own journey and are full of potential. Whether things have or haven’t worked out so far in your life up to this point doesn’t matter. Today is a new day and you get to decide what you get for the future. I truly hope you get to put these practices into habits of your own and that they have a positive impact on your future. But it’s your story to tell, and your habits to make.

Good luck and enjoy your journey!
Check out Jaime Tardy‘s book, t The Eventual Millionaire: How Anyone Can Be an Entrepreneur and Successfully Grow Their Startup for more tips!

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