Lessons from a Recovering Doormat

* Cropped Daylle@Denali Park - Mt. McKinleyI had a dream about going to Banff in Canada and Montana since I was a teen and a cousin went on an adventure there. He showed me his pictures and they blew me away. I had to go too! Then my parents went there and it whet my desire even more! But, I never found the right person to go with. I waited and waited for the right time, until I realized it would never come unless I made it happen. My first baby step was calling for brochures and going online to learn more. I had frequent flyer miles I could use so I planned the trip around that airline’s schedule.

I decided I should do the trip that fall. But, each time I began to make a reservation, I hesitated, and fall came and went without a trip.

For two years I planned, picked dates, and didn’t go. I was scared. While I love to travel solo, I’d never done a long driving trip alone and was intimidated at the idea of having to find my way around Canada and Montana without a co-pilot to help with directions. Yet I was getting frustrated about not going. I was blessed that a friend who understood what I was going through sent a card with an encouraging note that had a wonderful quote by the great Eleanor Roosevelt on the cover:

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

She was so right! It spurred me to pick up the phone and book my trip for 2 months later. I knew that this time I was going. And I did! I flew into Calgary, spent a few days decompressing, and then drove down into Montana for a week, then up to Banff, the heart of the dream I’d held for so long. Since then I’ve done solo tripsto the Pacific Northwest, Alaska, and more. In 2005 I did a 3-month, 10,500 miles independent music book tour for my book, I Don’t Need a Record Deal! Your Survival Guide for the Indie Music Revolution. I’d never have done these had I not done that first Canada trip.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

I believed in mine and made it happen! If you want to reach your own dreams, you must take at least one step toward it and then drag the other foot behind it if you have to. When I was a DoorMat, I thought my dreams were just for thinking about. Banff seemed impossible to reach. But I did it, and I’ve done so much more now. And, I will continue to travel the world, whether with someone or solo, because I believed in my trip enough to make it happen.

Now my future is bright with dreams being realized. I’ve had many trips, but NONE back to DoorMatville. You CAN make yours come true too! You’ve just got to believe in your dream enough to make it real!

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