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I often hear people use the expression, “I’m all stressed out.” They’re working too much and feeling under pressure. And they wonder why they don’t reach the goals they want. Stress usually doesn’t make you feel good, and your vibration reflects that. That’s why chasing goals under stress may not manifest what you want. Stress tells the Universe:

•    You’re not feeling joy.
•    You’re worried.
•    You don’t trust the process.
•    You feel pressure.

All these cause negative emotions, which don’t attract good stuff. If you want the best shot a getting good results., when you feel stress coming on deal with it before moving forward, Ask yourself if the source of your stress is worth keeping? Is a promotion at work worth the stress that will come with it? Try to clear your plate by prioritizing what you’ll do in a certain order. Eliminate a few things if you can.

It’s fine to want to work hard to advance in your career but pushing yourself in ways that stress you is counterproductive since the stress will keep the  Law of Attraction from supporting your goals. Feeling really good and joyful is the best way to create a good vibration for manifesting. If you’re feeling stressed, take a short break. Do some deep breathing and affirm that, “everything will work out fine.” Let the breathing and your faith calm you down. You should enjoy the journey, not stress through it! Then you have the best vibration for the Law of Attraction to respond positively to.

See all the posts in my Law of Attraction in Action Series HERE.

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