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Life should to be fun If you want to enjoy it. And the more joy you have the higher your vibration. Yet when times get rough it’s so easy to think of yourself as struggling, and express it out loud. I’m sure that feeling is legitimate. I’ve felt it too when things aren’t going well. Thankfully I’m enlightened enough to catch myself. It’s important to do that if you want to change a situation that feels like a struggle. Struggling doesn’t generate good feelings. It keeps your vibration in a negative place. The vibration from struggling will NOT lead you to manifest good stuff.

Have you ever struggled to be happy? Did you get there?  Me neither. I’ve struggled to get past what I was struggling with because I wanted to be happy. And I wondered why I never got there. After all I was struggling hard to find happiness. But the Law of Attraction feels struggling a s a negative—being unhappy—and reciprocates with more unhappiness. Remember, the Law of Attraction doesn’t interpret what you want. It just picks up on your vibration.

So a mindset of struggling almost guarantees that you’ll attract more struggles. And I know that’s not what you want! Yet if you keep up thoughts like, “I’m struggling to survive,” you’ll probably continue to struggle to survive. I know that’s not what you want! I still catch myself when I’m feeling down and know how easy it is to sink into a struggling mentality. But it won’t serve you well, unless you want to continue to struggle. I advise you to become vigilant when you’re going through a situation that feels like a struggle and reframe what you feel.

•    I’m struggling to make more money” can be reframed as, “I’m working hard to make my life better.”
•    “It’ a struggle to work with my injury” can be “MY body is healing and soon life will be better.”
•    “It’s a struggle to work with my boss who expects too much from me.” can be “I must address all the work my boss dumps on me and if he gets angry I shall put out feelers for a job I’ll like better.”

There are always options to struggling. But struggle and joy can’t work together. Having joy leads you to ease your struggles and manifest a better life. So ban struggle from your vocabulary and focus on letting joy in however you can.

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