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I recently had something negative almost happen and told a colleague how relieved I was to avert it and her response was “You have to take the good with the bad.” I asked her why? She said that’s how life is.

I replied, “Not my life!” I’ve heard people going though a rough time who also had the “I have to take the good with the bad” attitude. They always sound resigned to having to accept bad stuff into their lives, as a given, in order to get better stuff. This is not true!

You don’t have to take bad almost as a trade-off for getting good. This belief puts the bad in your vibration? In order to manifest the good you want, only good should be in your vibration, Expecting bad as part of your life experience attracts bad stuff to you. Why tell the Universe you expect bad and that you believe it’s OK? Of course stuff can happen that you don’t like for many reasons. But a conscious expectation shouldn’t be one of them.

The more you keep your expectations on just attracting good stuff, the stronger the vibration for the Law of Attraction to pick up on. You don’t have to have bad with your good, unless you expect to. Your thoughts create your reality. Make sure you focus yours on positive stuff.

See all the posts in my Law of Attraction in Action Series HERE.

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