Self-Love Month is over but I’ll continue posting abot should still be working on nourishing yours. Carrying anger around with you hurts you, which isn’t loving. The antidote is forgiveness. Today my guest is Self-Love Ambassador Alice McCall  In her practice she has found Love to be a powerful healing force. It was intentionally part of her self-healing routine with breast cancer, which you can learn more about at Wellness Wisdom. She uses this powerful energy as a core component of her successful transformative work with others. Check her out her services and events (some teleseminars are free!) at Healing Path with Alice McCall. She does healing work with people!

Show Yourself Love Through Forgiveness
by Alice McCall

Alice McCallThe most important relationship you have is with yourself.  Yet as a society, we seldom extend love to ourselves.  Rather, we exclusively focus our efforts on our relationships with others.

One of the best ways to show love to your self is by forgiving others.  You might believe that forgiving is just being kind to the other person(s), as they are the one(s) who hurt, ignored, or judged you.  However, this is only partially true.  Forgiveness is really an act of self-love, more so than being an expression of love for another person!

When you hold on to negative, fear based thoughts and emotions, the memory of them can become buried in your cells as dense, dark, heavy energy.  This weighs you down, and overtime can cause imbalance and disharmony, which can ultimately lead to disease.  When you feel hurt by someone, you experience the negative emotions like anger or sadness.  If you don’t forgive, all of that negativity becomes buried in your body, not theirs.  It is actually doing more harm to you than it does to the other person.

If you are like most people, you often intentionally or unintentionally hold a grudge towards others.  Sometimes a grudge can be held for years.  Meanwhile, the person you are determined not to forgive is feeling no pain.  By clinging to your inability to forgive or choosing to retain the past, your body becomes denser and heavier each year.

Stop thinking about ‘them’ and start thinking about you!  It is paramount for your health that YOU release this dynamic.  Completely let go of the issue or person through forgiveness, along with releasing any associated reactions from your perception of the hurt, anger, fear, or betrayal.  Doing this is truly an act of love for you and your body!

There are other negative repercussions of not forgiving:

·                     The build-up of negativity from resentment, limits something new from entering.  We’ve all heard sayings like ‘close one door to open another’ or ‘get rid of the old, to make way for the new.’  Ever wonder why your intentions aren’t manifesting?  Maybe there isn’t any space or opening for the new to reside?  Perhaps you are limiting the foundation of love-based emotions necessary for positive manifestation, by allowing negative energy to accumulate inside of you.

·                     An increasing loss of energy, harmony, or health.  This isn’t a conscious choice, but the negativity takes its toll on all parts of you.

·                     An inhibiting effect on your intuition, wisdom, knowing, and your connection with God.

Being unforgiving (consciously, subconsciously, or unconsciously) is just not healthy for you emotionally, physically, mentally, or spiritually.  It is important to conduct an inventory of all who you have not forgiven in your life.  Review all those who may have hurt you from childhood to present time.  Write down each of their names and how they hurt you.  Then add how you felt about it, for example: “I felt sad, angry, or disappointed.”

After you have listed them all, start the process of reviewing them one by one.  Forgive each of them in your heart and soul.  Release them to God with a big inhale and exhale.  Take the time to focus on your associated emotions.  Then release them as well.  This process does not have to be done all at once, try doing a few names each day.

Most importantly, don’t forget yourself.  It is often harder to forgive yourself, but I encourage you to go through the same process on your own behalf.  Review the times you may have hurt yourself or someone else, or the times when you did not feel good about your actions or decisions.  Then fully forgive yourself.

This entire exercise is very healing, and is truly an act of self-love.  The best part is that you will no longer be operating with that old worn out ‘unforgiving’ energy.  Forgiveness is always transformational to the person engaging in it, you will really feel the difference!

Love yourself.  Engage in forgiveness and feel its loving power. All parts of you will thank you!

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