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Valentine’s Day is coming. Seeing all the hearts and flowers in stores can awaken a need for a romantic partner if you don’t have one. It used to do that to me when I didn’t love myself. It’s normal to want love in your life, especially at this time of year. Thoughts about this can make you sad. Why don’t I have someone? What are you telling the Law of Attraction in Action?

Your beliefs about meeting a romantic partner can be especially strong against meeting someone good. Do you ever think a version of:

•    The odds are against me here. There are too many women looking to meet someone and not enough men.
•    Every woman is just looking for a man to support her.
•    Men aren’t attracted to women who aren’t slim.
•    I don’t make enough money to attract women.
•    Men don’t like my body.
•    I’m too busy to have someone in my life

I had these kinds of thoughts too and not meeting someone reinforced my beliefs, until a friend woke me up. We were having coffee when I said with feeling—“There are no good men in NY!” “I’m not slim enough to attract a man here.” She jumped on my comment and reminded me that I was sabotaging myself by telling the Law of Attraction I didn’t  expect to meet someone. She was so right and I amended my belief to —“There are aren’t many good available men in NY but there’s one for me! And he’ll appreciate my body.” I said that a lot in the next weeks and shortly after that I had a boyfriend.

If you make negative stereotypes your beliefs, don’t be surprised if they play out in your life. Remember, your beliefs attract your reality. When I believed there were no good men in NY I didn’t meet any. When I changed my belief, I met someone.

If you don’t have someone special on Valentine’s Day, remember that YOU are special! And you always have you. As you build your self-love you’re more likely to attract love into your life. I’ve been very busy and haven’t felt ready to meet someone but I truly know there’s special guy coming into my life. I believe that with all my heart and am excited to meet him.

Make sure that your expectations about meeting a healthy romantic partner are positive to give yourself the best chance of finding your next valentine.

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