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Something is going on that you don’t like. You may get upset about it. It’s happened to me many times. It can be something serious or just an inconvenience but in the moment it doesn’t feel good. And that creates negative emotions, which won’t attract a positive resolution to it. Perhaps you:

•    Lose an account a work.
•    Miss your train and will be late for work.
•    Don’t get the investment for your business that you’d hoped for.
•    Get dumped by your romantic partner.
•    Catch the flu during your busiest time at work.
•    Have a big fight with your mom

Or a million other things. But you don’t need to turn a bad day or a setback into a bad life. Wallowing in how lousy you feel can do that since the Law of Attraction will pick up on your bad feelings and keep giving you more to feel bad about.  I know how awful those kinds of things can make you feel. I’m not advising you to ignore them and feel joy during those times. Instead, allow yourself time to process what happened by surrendering to the reality of what happened. That doesn’t mean putting your feelings aside or letting them control you. It does mean accepting that it happened without letting your thoughts come up with all the bad things that can come from it.

Letting the negatives invade your consciousness creates resistance to things working out. You may initially feel angry, frustrated, scared, or hurt. Feel those emotions and then accept what happened as just the way it is, without blaming yourself or labeling it with things like, ”I have bad luck” or “I don’t know how I’ll handle this” or “Woe is me.” Those thoughts make your situation worse because you won’t be able to attract what you  need to get past it.  Jut relax Don’t look for what you could have done to avert it. Just accept that it happened, and relax in that acceptance. When you can do that you can begin to find solution or get over it.

If you walk into work late  knowing it was beyond your control, it’s more likely your boss will accept that. If you keep your cool about losing an investment, you’re more likely to attract another one. If you calmly accept that it’s over with your romantic partner, you’re more likely to meet someone else. If you accept that you have the flu you can give yourself he best self-care and attract a quick recovery, which won’t happened if you keep bemoaning being sick.

When you can surrender and accept hat happened, you also release the negative feelings around it. Then you’re in a better place to find solutions and get past the circumstances.

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