skyHow often do you complain about something or get a negative thought or get annoyed at something. Those can be like poison to your soul. Most people experience this every day, without realizing it. Yet subconsciously they bring you down. This time of year, the holidays can trigger many negatives:

•    Pressure to increase your budget for gifts
•    Guilt about overindulging at parties
•    Loneliness if you don’t get invited to parties or you have no one to spend the holidays with
•    Getting Seasonal Affective Disorder from the shorter days
•    Worry about another year passing without achieving your goals
•    Feeling like a loser without a date for New Years Eve
•    Sadness from seeing everyone around you acting happy and festive if you don’t feel that way

I used to get some of that and know how lousy it can make you feel. When I’m going through days of being in a funk, I choose one day to eliminate the negatives from my head. It’s not easy but you CAN do it for one day! You must be vigilant of your thoughts. If you start complaining to someone, interrupt yourself and say, ”Never mind. It’s OK.” As negative feelings start to surface, tell them “NO!” and declare to yourself that you’re choosing to feel good.

Replace negatives with your blessings. Instead of complaining about your annoying co-worker, think about your loyal best friend. If the shorter days get you down, get more lights. Exercise can pick you up. Take a walk. When I start to feel down I clean my apartment. It gives me a sense of control that negative emotions take away. Find something positive to replace the negative.

If you set your mind to it, you can spend one day without complaining, blaming, worrying, feeling guilty, letting others bring you down. Once you do, you my want to do it more often.

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