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It’s easy to complain to others about what you don’t like about someone. I know because I used to be very good at it. Negative emotions stick to you a lot more than positive ones and I was a magnetic for negative emotions in my DoorMat days. Those emotions brought me and my vibration down. Complaining about what you don’t like about someone focuses on what you don’t like, which keeps you in a negative place about the person. It also reinforces what you don’t like and tells the Universe that it’s what you expect from the person so you keep getting more of what you don’t like.

I used to get frustrated when I complained a lot about people. It made me dislike them. I’m grateful that I recognized that it brings no good and can only hurt you. It also hurts your relationship with the other person because complaining to others doesn’t resolve what bothered you and leads to having a negative attitude in general about the person, which often isn’t deserved.

Now I try to look for the good in others. That feels so much better than dwelling on negatives. Instead of complaining about someone to other people, I try to address the issue with the person, depending on what it is. I’ve also learned that sometimes it’s better to just let it go if it’s nothing terrible or the person can’t help it. For example, if someone speaks to you in a condescending tone or always interrupts, you should nicely sit down with the person and share why it bothers you. If someone has an annoying habit like using an expression you don’t like, or they tend to call you at inopportune times, accept that’s just the way the person is. Or stop associating with them if it bothers you so much.

The best way to attract good relationship whether it’s romantic, friendship, work people, family, neighbors, etc. is to look for the good in the person. Instead of focusing on what you don’t like about them, look for the good in them. Everyone has good qualities if you look. She may be cheap, which can be annoying but she may have had hurtful experiences that made her nervous about money or she has something going on that makes her budget tight. But what do you like about her? Is she good company? Kind? Does she introduce you to good people? Bolster your confidence? Did she help you decorate your apartment?

Focus on seeing the good in people. It will help you view them in as more positive light of appreciation, instead of thinking negatively about them. Appreciating the good keeps your vibration strong in general and helps you attract better things from people. You may also find yourself attracting more good people to you. So the next time someone annoys you and you’re about to complain about it to a friend, think about their good qualities and hold your tongue. Then enjoy the good vibration.

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