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How many times have you wished for the motivation to do something you wanted to do? Have you pushed yourself to get motivated to start? Maybe you want to write the novel that’s been in you head for years. Or you want to find a better job but aren’t motivated to update your resume. Or you want to get your living space organized but feel helpless to begin. You keep saying you want things and hope that something will happen to motivate you. I’m often asked why the Law of Attraction doesn’t help get things manifested when they keep asking for motivation.

You attract what you put out. If you’re trying to get yourself motivated to go after what you want it can feel like a struggle. You may want something but not want what’s necessary to get it, like having to redo your resume to get the job you want. That creates a negative vibration and it’s hard to manifest positives from that. The motivation that does work is having passion for what you want. Passion comes forth from within. It’s the flame that lights up inside of you.

Motivation is often used to make yourself do something that you don’t really want to do. The work to get to where you want to be may seem unpleasant, or scary. Passion gives you a clear picture of what you want and knowing you’ll get there because you want it enough. It makes you excited about manifesting what you want. Passion creates a positive vibration for the Law of Attraction to pick up on and assist you in getting it. Passion fuels your desire so it screams the intention to the Universe and attracts a lot more than trying to motivate yourself.

People often ask me how I motivate myself to write every day. My passion for writing is all I need. If there’s something you say you want but aren’t motivated to go after it, ask yourself:

•    How much do I really want it?
•    Why am I not excited about doing it?
•    What scares me about doing it?

Once you deal with those issues, let the passion flow! I had a project I wanted to do badly but after hiring someone to wok with me, i couldn’t get moving. I wanted it VERY much, so why wasn’t I excited? I realized the person I hired wasn’t into it like I was. It was like water on the fire of my passion. When I found the right person to work with, my passion returned. Do what you can to stoke your passion and enjoy having a high vibration for manifesting.

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