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Hope is touted as a good quality. And it can be. But it can also block the Law of Attraction working for you most effectively. When I’m working with a client or just speaking with a friend, I often tell them to have faith that it will all work out to get what they want. A common response is, “I hope so.”  Does “I hope so.” sound like an intention to you? It tells the Universe you have a wish for something. People who hope insist that’s showing faith; I insist that expresses doubt.

Hope is looking into the future with a wishful intent for something you want to happen. Faith is living in the present and knowing it will all work out. Usually I’ll give someone a positive talk about how I know that something good is coming for them and instead of an enthusiastic response I hear a tentative, “I hope so.” That does nothing to raise your vibration to the level you need for manifesting.

It’s good to have hope that you’ll get what you want but using more definite words fuels the Law of Attraction better:

•     “I EXPECT to get the job.”
•    “I TRUST that my problem will wok you.”
•    “I KNOW that I’ll be fine.”

Do you see how the words in caps are more definitive about getting a good outcome? Hope can sound like wishful thinking. Next time you find yourself hoping for something pay attention to how you use it. You may want to rephrase your intention.

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