Lessons from a Recovering Doormat

Girl with mirrorsHow would you describe yourself? Are you positive? Apologetic? Defensive about who you are? How you speak of yourself reflects self-image. If you speak in a less than positive manner, it’s harder to feel totally positive. Change your life by getting more conscious about the words you use.

People see you as you see yourself. When I thought of myself as fat and unattractive, I didn’t get much respect or positive attention. That changed when I transformed my self-description to beautiful, hot and sexy. My new positive description reflected in the approval I got from others, especially men. Going from fat to sexy made me more attractive to men! I didn’t have to change my appearance. Changing the way I saw myself made the difference.

Pay attention to the way you see yourself. Is it positive? Right now—write a description of you. Then ask yourself if this is a person you’d like to spend time with? Run it by a trusted friend to see if your assessment of you is fair and positive. If it isn’t, ask for help in writing a new description. Clean the vision you use to assess yourself. Clear out old critical messages you’ve gotten or comparisons to others. Our mirrors often get cracked in childhood an we grow up insecure. Look into a new mirror infused with love

Having a more positive view of yourself will boost your confidence and the way you carry yourself. It can be hard to write a glowing description of yourself. But it’s important to have one if you want better self-esteem. DoorMats tend to stick with focusing on their faults—the reasons why they’re not perfect. Empowered people own their positive qualities with pride. Which one are you—a DoorMat or an empowered person? Which do you want to  be? If it’s the latter, start to rewrite your description in the most positive way you can. Consciously own it. Remind yourself that wonderful person is YOU.

The more you see yourself in a shining light, the more you’ll love you. The more you’ll love you, the better your description will get. Make it a good one!
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