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When you learn about the Law of Attraction, it’s always emphasized that if you ‘re not getting what you want, you have resistance—an old block or limiting belief that contradicts your desire—that must be cleared in order to manifest. Okay, so how do we clear resistance? I’ve tried many ways. You can’t just decide to stop old beliefs. I’ve found using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), also known as Tapping, to be the most effective way to clear old blocks, especially those that are stuck in your subconscious.

EFT is one of the most powerful and effective mind/body techniques that you can use for clearing emotional blocks that keep you from manifesting your desires. It may seem ludicrous at first to think that tapping on specific acupuncture points while expressing your feelings can open the door to getting what you want but I can say from experience that it works. I often use it with my counseling clients and they see results fast. Since Tapping lets you access your subconscious mind, it can clear blocks that create the resistance to getting what you want. Then the Law of Attraction can work for you at full capacity!

EFT is a technique that’s used to heal emotions, which is where the name, Emotional Freedom Technique comes from. It can help clear blocks related to a wide range of issues. It’s been used successfully to help veterans ease their PTSD at Walter Reed Hospital. I’ve used it successfully with clients who had resistance to meeting a loving romantic partner, and some who had problems networking or speaking up at work because of childhood traumas that made them painfully withdrawn. I’ve used I on myself for various health problems and to reach goals.Tapping cover

Tapping is based on principles of acupuncture, which is used to clear energy blocks so that chi can flow properly along the meridians to enable health issues to heal. It was discovered that if you tap lightly with your fingertips on acupuncture points, it can help release old beliefs and negative emotions you might not even be aware of, that are stored in your subconscious and keep you stuck. These are blocks you may not be aware of that limit your ability get the Law of Attraction working with you to manifest your desires, no matter how hard you try to be positive and get your vibration high. Your resistance comes from these blocks. Tapping clears them.

I had some major resistance to making more money when I began writing Tapping into Wealth: How Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Can Help You Clear the Path to Making More Money (out on Oct. 10th–get the good pre-order price now!)  with the fabulous Margaret M. Lynch, the leading expert for finding and clearing blocks to getting more money. As I did the exercises in the book, my resistance to attracting more money went down and I began to attract more money-making opportunities. The book is just being published by Tarcher/Penguin and I can say first hand that it works to help you find blocks to increasing your wealth and shows you how to clear them.

Below is a video made by my brilliant co-author, Margaret M. Lynch, to show you how to use Tapping to clear the limiting beliefs that make up the resistance that blocks the Law of Attraction from helping you to manifest your desire. Then try one of her other videos to apply Tapping to your situation.
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