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We all have failures and setbacks. But those old memories can remain in your subconscious and  create resistance to manifesting your desires. Recognizing that was a big AHA moment for me when I was writing Tapping into Wealth: How Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Can Help You Clear the Path to Making More Money, Margaret M. Lynch, the leading expert for finding and clearing block to getting more money. Margaret calls these blocks goal traumas. A goal trauma can be:

•    Something in the past that you worked hard to achieve but it didn’t get you the results you were going after and it left you feeling like you did all you could so what’s wrong with you?
•    A done deal that fell through at the last minute, leaving you disappointed
•    Getting let down by someone you trusted to do something that really mattered to you
•    Someone betrayed you, leaving you scared to trust people
•    A definite deal you were excited about fell through leaving you wondering how it happened

I experienced all of the above to the point where my former lawyer told me I must be jinxed. The trauma created by these kinds of incidents can remain in your subconscious. Since the subconscious is 85% of you mind, it has a lot of power over your thoughts. So when you try to get support for manifesting from the Law of Attraction, these goal traumas can create resistance from subconscious beliefs like;

•    “Why bother to try. Things never work out for me.”
•    “I can’t trust anyone so I’ll have no support.”
•    “Everything I try, no matter how good it looks, falls through. I’m jinxed!”
•    “I don’t want to get my hopes up like I did before. Why set myself up for disappointment”

I’ve had all of these beliefs because of past goals that fell through, often from crazy circumstances. Writing the goal trauma chapter of Tapping into Wealth made me recognize that when I go after a money goal, I expect it to fall through, because of all the past ones that did. I wrote down all the times I could remember that something I was going after fell through. Then I did Tapping to clear them. Using EFT can clear the blocks that create resistance to getting what you want as I discussed in  my post, Law of Attraction in Action: Use EFT (Tapping) to Clear Resistance. My goal trauma is strong and I’m still Tapping on it. I feel much clearer and hopeful but still need to keep tapping on it as I go after new goals as a reminder that what happened in the past won’t happen now.

If you’ve had disappointments and setbacks in the past, it’s important to check to see what emotions you might be carrying from them. Expecting disappointments to happen again will probably make it happen again like it did for me. Not wanting to get my hopes up high kept my vibration for manifesting low. Now my expectations for reaching my goals are much higher, as is my vibration. Whether you use Tapping to clear goal traumas or another technique, it’s important to clear them so you can manifest what you desire, especially more money.

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