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Sometimes when I’m working with a client and I point out something in their words or actions that’s counter-productive for the Law of Attraction to help them get what they want, they begin to justify why they do it.

•    “Yes, I’m speaking negatively about my boss who I want a raise from but he hasn’t been nice to me and deserves it. He makes me so angry” Meanwhile, the person has an angry tone when speaking about the boss, which creates a negative vibration.

•    “I can’t afford to go to college so why bother applying?” Taking action to get what you want helps you attract it. If you have strong determination, the Law of Attraction can return a way to do it.

•    “I want lose weight and have tried many diets and exercised but nothing has worked so why make the effort to eat healthy and go to the gym?” When you eat healthy and go to the gym you tell the Universe that you want to get into shape. When you give up because you didn’t get results yet, you sentence yourself to not losing or to gaining weight.

YOU may not see a way to get what you want or you might need patience to wait for the right time to manifest but it can happen if you do what’s necessary. Generating negative emotions won’t help.

There is NO justification for doing things that send a negative vibe for the Law of Attraction to pick up on, unless you don’t really want to get what you say you want. If you hear yourself justifying behavior or a lack of action that could be telling the Universe that you’re not serious about what you say you want, decide how badly you actually want it. If the answer is a lot, then stop justifying and take action. Justifying keeps you from receiving. Positive words and actions manifest more.

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