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We grow up reading fairy tales with terrible things happening but they all have happy endings. Unfortunately real life isn’t a fairy tale. Yet many of us think we can wallow in unhappiness and seek the happy ending. It doesn’t work that way.

If your life is unhappy and you stay on an unhappy path, there won’t be a fairy waving her wand to bring Prince Charming or the pot of gold to you. Instead the Law of Attraction in Action will pick up on the unhappiness and keep your ending unhappy. I encounter so many people who live unhappy lives while waiting to be happy. Women often hope their Prince Charmings will finally come and give them a happy ending. Men often hope for something that will bring them a lot more money.

Or maybe you think getting your body into good shape will give you the happy ending. Or that a better job will give it to you. The trouble with that kind of thinking is your vibration before getting the guy or the money or the job or the weight loss is usually negative—reflecting unhappiness about not having those things. And with the Law of Attraction, negatives don’t attract positives. Your path on the way to a happy ending should be filled with happy feelings. You won’t have one if you feel bad about not having a man in your life or struggle to lose weight or drive yourself crazy trying to make more money.

Your happy ending can only come when you’re at peace with yourself and your life and have fun along the way to getting what you desire. Until you change how you’re feeling, which creates your vibration, the happy ending will probably always be elusive. When you can create inner contentment by loving yourself enough to accept yourself right now, and learn to enjoy the moment, your vibration will reflect that and make it easier. Even if you haven’t gotten what you want yet, you can enjoy the journey to get it. That’s the best way to manifest what you want and get your happy ending.

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