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I’ve been getting press releases lately for how to prepare if you’re in a mass shooting situation or things like that. People are trying to learn what to do in case it happens to them. What does that tell the Universe? That you expect to be caught in that kind of situation. Guess what it could attract? Although the chances are unlikely whether you prepare or not,t putting energy into anticipating unlikely negative  eventss makes you more likely to encounter them.

Years ago a friend moved to NYC for a while. He was a strapping guy. But he said he felt unsafe in the city. He said often, “I’m concerned that I’ll get mugged when I’m here.” I laughed, because I ‘m a better target to be mugged than a tall strong guy and I’m not worried. He asked how many times I’ve been in danger and was surprised when I said “never,” since I’ve lived here for my whole life.

I explained to him that my expectation was to be safe so I was. He said he was always on his guard–ready to be jumped. I warned him to stop being preparing in case he’s mugged or he’d attract it. But he didn’t listen. He said he developed ways to walk to keep an eye out for trouble. And he held tightly to anything he carried. He was proud of how prepared he was for anyone who might bother him. Yet his focus on being careful about not being mugged kept being mugged in his thoughts. And the Law of Attraction responds to that.

After all, he prepared himself for someone to try to mug him so I wasn’t surprised when it happened. He expected it to and his behavior that was always prepared for trouble reflected that. He called one day to say a group of teens tried to take his good leather jacket. He was proud that his preparation helped him get away. I told him that being prepared to be mugged attracted it. I walk without fear and have never been bothered.

Of course you should be prepared for a power outage if you have a storm coming and people who live in areas where there are tornadoes should have a shelter. But watching the news and preparing yourself for an unlikely emergency tells the Universe you expect something bad to happen, and you’re more likely to attract an emergency situation. Always looking over your shoulder for something bad to happen attracts trouble. Expecting to be safe helps keep you safe.

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