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Being logical can be a good quality. It can help you make smart decisions. But logic can also send messages to the Law of Attraction that keep you from manifesting the kinds of miracles that can happen. When your desire is strong and faith is solid, you can attract things that defy logic.

I’ve traded logic for faith and would any time, since I know the power we all possess to attract things that might seem impossible. Like when I was having lunch while traveling and I told the waitress I had to be at the airport in four hours to catch my return flight. She said I wouldn’t make it. I said I HAD to. Then she informed me that I’d lose an hour as I traveled there. I hadn’t figured on that.

It definitely changed the time frame I had. She waited for me to say she was right. It was impossible to get there on time. Logically she was right. But spiritually I knew I needed to make my flight or I’d have to get a hotel room and pay an extra day for my car. Plus, I wanted to get home. So I defied logic and asked for the check quickly because I had a plane to catch. She looked at me with pity, probably thinking I was a nut case.

In the car I affirmed out loud that I’d get there on time. Then I took off my watch and continued to affirm I’d get there right on time, even if it was impossible logically. I had 230 miles to go in three hours. The highway wasn’t moving super fast but I said “thank you for getting me there in time.” all the way to the airport. And louder when I arrived and put my watch back on, and saw I was right on time!

Miracles aren’t logical but they’re possible if you don’t write them off because of how illogical they sound. Let go of logic when you need to manifest something you really want, no matter how much it seems impossible. That’s why they call them miracles. Faith can override logic if you let it. So let it and you can attract miracles too!

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