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It’s so easy to get caught up in the problems going on in the world. You hear and see all the all the problems going on with the economy, international threats, health issues, etc. It’s common take on those problems and feel the weight of needing them fixed. Watching, listening to or reading about all the scary, negative situation can suck you into thoughts about how it needs fixing. You may also feel personally about it all:

•    “MY world is falling apart.”
•    “What will happen if WE invade Iran?”
•    “OUR economy just won’t pick up.”

That may lead to your trying to figure out what options there are and how they can affect your life, as if you have a say in it all. That creates stress! And stress doesn’t feel good. But taking on the world’s problems and allowing them into your thoughts often keep you on a negative track—one which is not good to manifest from.  This naturally leads to stressful thoughts with concerns about solutions to problems that feed the negative emotions, such as:

•    “Tuberculosis is on the rise. What if I get it? The country needs to find the reasons and do something about it. Maybe they can come up with a vaccine. I need to research and find out how to protect myself.” If you think like this you send thoughts of disease out to the Law of Attraction and you’re more likely to attract from a place of fear that you’ll get it, upping your chances of actually catching it.

•    “What if nuclear bomb is used in the Middle East? Can the radiation reach me? Will we have another war? WE need to find out if there’s a bomb that’s ready. There must be some kind of technology to detect it, and wipe it out.” Al of this mulling over Middle East problems keeps you fearful and on edge. You can’t do anything about it but feel like you need to be part of the process. And you know what I’ve said that fear attracts.

•    “Many foreign countries have economies that are falling apart. It could hurt our economy. What if our banking system fails because of it. We need to do something to stop it.” The only economy you can work on is your own. Worrying about the world economy is useless, unless you like feeling bad. And feeling bad doesn’t create any positive emotions to attract from.

Carrying the weight of the world’s problems around with you will keep your body from feeling good. Leave handling these problems to the heads of countries and policy makers so you can focus on improving your own little world and bringing more happiness and good feelings into it. When you attract from that positive place, you’ll have the Law of Attraction on your side to manifest what YOU, not the worl, needs.

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