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Do you live like you EXPECT to have more money? Or do you hoard money for the future and never consider spending extra because you don’t know how you’ll pay for it? When you live like the latter, you tell the Universe that you don’t expect to get more money and therefore you can’t afford things you want, or need. So the old roof gets patched some more instead of replacing it or the medical procedure that could improve your health goes on the back burner.

I EXPECT money, with all my heart and it reflects in my vibration. I KNOW I’ll have the money to pay for something I need. As I said in my post, Knowing, your strongest power is in KNOWING you have what you need, as I said in my post on KNOWING. And when you really expect the money and know in your heart that you’ll get it, you get it. For example, I once had a health problem that wasn’t life threatening but did make me very uncomfortable. I put off the surgery that would correct it because my insurance barely covered anything and I’d have to pay $8,000. One day I got sick of the discomfort and scheduled surgery.

I declared that I expected he money to pay for it to be there when I needed it. I strong KNEW it would come. My expectation reflected in my vibration. I wasn’t the slightest bit nervous about how I’d pay the bill. Friends worried for me and I laughed, explaining the money would come. “From where?” they’d ask. I didn’t know but trusted that I’d have it. Just before my surgery I was notified that my great aunt, who had passed away weeks before, had no children and her will directed her assets to  be equally divided between her nieces and nephews. I didn’t even know she had much money but my share was–$8,000!

I’ve gone on vacations, knowing I’d get the money to pay off my credit when I returned, and found checks for things that I didn’t expect waiting for me. Once when I was tight for money I was in a car accident—hit from behind several times. I was okay except for an injured shoulder. My lawyer sued for money for my bills and to replace my car. She warned that I’d only get a few thousand since my car was old. I kept telling her she was wrong and I was expecting a huge check. She’d laugh and tell me to e realistic. I heard the shock in her voice when she called to tell me the amount I’d gotten—about 5 times what she predicted—enough for me to get a good used car and have more left over to pay other bills.

Like I said last week in my post on Being Cheap with Yourself, you don’t want to put yourself into debt but, should spend with some expectation of attracting the money to pay for it. Start small. As you see that the Law of Attraction works, use it more. When you let it work for you you’ll see the results in your financial picture.

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