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Last week I talked about Being Cheap with Friends. There are different dynamics when you’re cheap with yourself. Haggling over a few bucks when you pay a check is petty cheapness. But being personally cheap affects you and your income more intensely. Depriving yourself of splurges or small treats tells the Universe that you don’t feel worthy of good stuff and that you don’t DESERVE to have more than you have. If you hesitate to spend money on things you’d enjoy because you feel you should save or you shouldn’t spend the money (with no real reason), you reinforce having a low value of yourself, which strongly influences what you do or don’t attract.

Often fear of not having enough money is the underlying factor of being cheap with yourself. But a bigger issue is at play here. When you love yourself, you want to do things that make you happy. There’s a big difference between not being cheap and overspending beyond your means. When you’re scared of not having enough money it can be hard to distinguish between them. Not cheap means occasionally treating yourself to something that makes you happy. You might save for massages or spend the extra money to buy the better brand of something. That probably won’t break the bank and isn’t overspending beyond your means, which is just reckless.

Often we’re more likely to spend money on people we love than on ourselves. We splurge on gifts for others and are cheap about gifts for ourselves. If you do that it’s not loving to you! I’ve encountered many people who will find a way to buy something special for a friend but not for themselves. And if it’s a romantic partner, people often don’t think twice. People pleasers buy to please others. When you have strong self-love, you want to buy to please YOU! And that tell the Universe that you deserve more, and the Law of Attraction is more likely to being you more.

The more generous you are with yourself and your needs, the more likely you are to attract more good stuff, and money. When you spend like you already have more money (without putting yourself into debt of course), it’s more likely you’ll have the money for the splurges you make. Fearless spending creates a vibration of knowing you have the money coming and that you believe in your value. Being  scared to spend on yourself tells the Universe you aren’t worthy of more. Guess which one will bring you lots more? Love yourself enough to not be cheap with yourself. It feels good and attract a lot more.

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