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I used to be friendly with Jen (not her real name), a lovely woman, but I hated going out with her because she was so cheap. She would take out her little calculator and figure out her bill to the penny. And I’d be embarrassed about how poorly she’d tip, so I kept mine separate from hers. Sometimes I’d even ask if that was all she was leaving since we had good service. She’d then dig up another quarter.

Jen also complained that she could never attract more money. Even though she had a decent job and also did some freelance work on the side, she never felt like she could get ahead. I knew why but didn’t feel comfortable telling her. The way she made being cheap her lifestyle told the Universe that she was too scared loosen her purse strings. Being cheap sends a message that you don’t have enough and you continue to not have enough.

I also used to try to pay for just my meal if I was out with friends because my money was tight. I wasn’t as bad as Jen but I tried to just pay for lose to what my food cost. I’d get upset when I was put into the position of having to split the check if the person had more than me. Even if it was just a dollar more, I’d feel indignant about paying something towards their meal. And my money remained tight.

As my faith got stronger and I understood how the Law of Attraction works, I let go of being cheap, unless I felt an imbalance with one person always ordering a lot more than me. But under normal circumstances, I don’t haggle about a few dollars because I’m faithful that I have a steady stream of money coming in so I don’t need to be cheap. When I was cheap, I felt uncomfortable having to always watch out to not overpay. It created a vibration of doubt in my money situation and made me feel bad about it.

Splitting checks or giving a little more than my tab actually feels good now, because I’m no longer worried about money. It’s a reminder that I don’t need to be cheap because I have enough. I’m actually conscious of feeling “rich enough” to not be petty about money with friends. Sometimes someone will give me a dollar or two back and say they had a bit more than me. But I like knowing that it didn’t matter to me. Being cheap will keep you feeling like you don’t have enough money, and you probably won’t have enough money. Not being cheap when you’re out with friends is living as a person who has plenty of money, hence you attract it.

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