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It’s common to look to the future with hope for happiness and for getting what you want. But often those desires are accompanied by complaints and dissatisfaction with what you have or what’s going on now. When your thoughts and attitude say that you’re waiting to be happy, waiting for the good stuff to come, and not finding the good in today and what you have, it sends a negative vibe to the Law of Attraction.

When you accept where you are and what you have today, and make peace with stuff you may not like, it’s much easier to improve it. Today will affect what happens to you in the future—even the very near future like tomorrow. Being unhappy today keeps you negative tomorrow. Increasing your current vibration by making peace with your life as it is right now raises your vibration so life can get better faster.

I know that things in life don’t always go well. I have my down moments too. But I’ve learned that I can wallow in my dissatisfaction or disappointment or frustration or anger or other negative emotions and complain about it all to everyone. That makes me feel lousy. Or, I can allow myself a few minutes to process those emotions, maybe cry, and then I do what I can to forgive whoever was involved or to affirm something like:

•    This too shall pass.”
•    “Everything will work out fine.”
•    “Better things are coming.”
•    “I can get past this with joy, unscathed.”
•    “I have many blessings so I’ll be okay.”

The last one is a great one because counting your blessings—finding all the things you can be grateful for in your life—can lift your spirits and help your vibration to be positive. Write down everything that’s good about your life now—everything! If you look, you’ll find many more good things about your life than whatever is going on that you don’t like. Look forward to the good things you want coming.

Make peace with the current situation that’s going on right now. The more good you identify that you already have, the faster you can release any resistance you have in order to allow the good stuff that’s there for you to manifest. Stop thinking, “Woe is me” or thoughts about how miserable you are with your life now.

•   “When will I attract more money? I hate not having enough for what I want.”
•    “I can’t get out of my rut.”
•    “I hate being alone. When will I meet the right romantic partner?”
•    “I’ve been so tired. Will I ever have more energy?”
•    “I don’t like my job and feel stuck here because I need to pay my bills.”

Accept that this is temporary and open yourself up to the many goodies you have to power to attract. Love yourself enough to accept your life today so you can manifest more.

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