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People can be annoying or even do some nasty things to you. Sometimes they don’t realize that they’re making you feel bad; sometimes they do. But letting what other people do to affect you negatively creates a vibration that attracts things you won’t want. I know how it feels when someone makes you mad. You can stew and let anger ripple into your mood. Even when it’s over, that anger can linger, which keeps what made you angry on your mind. And if it’s on your mind, the Law of Attraction picks up that negativity.

Or, you may see someone doing something that you think is wrong or that you’d do differently and keep it on your mind. Have you said, “If that was me I’d…” about a person’s actions? Maybe the person didn’t reciprocate a favor or do as much as you would in a situation. DoorMats are especially good at that. When you’re meticulous about pleasing others, most people won’t do things as “well” as you would or offer the same level of support. While it doesn’t make them wrong or bad, viewing their actions with judgment based on how you do things stirs up negative emotions in you. That counters manifesting positive stuff.

Thinking about what other people do that you don’t like or that you disagree with sends your vibration for manifesting in the wrong direction. All judgment is negative in the eyes of the Law of Attraction, which doesn’t judge or determine how you mean your thoughts. So the things you judge or get angry with can come back to you in ways you won’t like. It can create a negative viscous cycle if you continue to think about what other people do.

The solution is to stop judging other people. That in itself will come back to you! If something angers you, address it and let it go instead of sharing it with everyone in your path. If someone does something you’d do differently, accept their right to have their own ways. What matters most is how you feel. When you feel great, you’re in a much better place to attract your desires. When you focus on what others do, you give them power over your mood and what the Law of Attraction thinks you want.

The more you can accept other people, the easier it is to accept yourself. Learn to let things roll off your back instead of grabbing onto reasons to complain. It makes life much happier and the Law of Attraction will work for you in much more positive ways when you do.

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