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How badly do you want things? You might think that if you want something VERY much that it will create a stronger vibration for manifesting. But, that can send a message of neediness for what you want, which translates into desperation to the Universe. The neediness can come across as negative, and create a negative vibe that the Law of Attraction responds to.

There’s a BIG difference between creating excitement about getting what you desire and letting that desire consume you in a way that not getting it fast will make you unhappy. Picturing your goal becoming real with enthusiasm helps you get it, as long as you trust that it will come at the right time. If not having the need met quickly creates negative emotions, that’s the vibe you put out. If you NEED that desire to come to pass so badly that you don’t know what you’ll do if it doesn’t, you’ll probably find out what will happen if it doesn’t.  The Law of Attraction will bring you more neediness.

For example, if you believe that you need a romantic partner, that need can be so intense that you base your happiness on it. If you don’t find a romantic partner in the time frame you desire, you might get depressed, sad, and desperate for someone. That attracts more depressed feelings, sadness, and desperation instead of the person you want. Neediness indicates not having faith that you’ll get what you want when the time is right. And chances are, you’ll continue to be alone, or get involved with people who aren’t good for you, because your neediness will attract more neediness for the right person instead of meeting that person.

If you want something to the point of your life will be miserable without it, you’re desperate. And desperate always creates a negative vibration for the Law of Attraction to work with. As you learn to love yourself more and find ways to make yourself happy, your needs will become healthier. As your faith strengthens, so will your patience to wait for want you want with anticipation instead of neediness. Then you’ll manifest more of what you want.

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