Today is Day 3 of my 31 Days of Self-Love posts to celebrate Self-Love Month with suggestions for jump-starting your own self-love and joining The Self-Love Movement™.

How often do you look in the mirror and give yourself a compliment or a pat on the back? Often we’re much more likely to say something nice to others than to ourselves. Yet don’t you deserve compliments too? Why not say things to yourself like:

•    “You look really good today.”
•    “Great job!”
•    “What a good friend you are!”
•    “You got through that tough time well!”
•    “You go girl/guy!”

Compliments are nice to receive, even from yourself. They remind you how terrific you are. We all could use a confidence boost. Regularly find something nice to say in the mirror to yourself. It can really perk you up and keeps the focus on you. And don’t forget to say, “I love me” while you’re doing it.


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