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The holidays are coming up fast. People get more festive as they shop for gifts and enjoy the special treats for the holidays as parties abound. But it’s not a joyous time for everyone. While your environment may be festive, you may not be if you’re lonely. This is the time of year when it can hit home that you don’t have a romantic partner, family close enough to visit, a close circle of good friends, or money to buy gifts.

So while it feels as if everyone around you is eating, drinking and being merry, you might think you’re the only one without people to be merry with. It can make you feel depressed, stressed and sad. I used to experience that years ago. I felt so lousy about me and the holidays reinforced that I had little worth if I didn’t get invited to lots of parties and had no boyfriend. I’d walk around feeling down, hiding it behind a smile because I was ashamed of someone finding out how pathetic I was.

The holiday season can trigger all sorts of negative emotions. With a new year coming, it can feel like a gauntlet is over your head about when you’ll make more progress in your career, find a romantic partner, lose weight, etc. After all, didn’t you resolve to fix those things in 2012? And here you are in the same place. The holiday season can be a reminder of many things you don’t like! Meanwhile, you walk around with a vibration that resonates all your negatives and what do you attract? You know!

The antidote to holiday blues is a serious positive focus on yourself. You may not love yourself yet but you can still TREAT yourself with love and kindness. Accept that no one or no thing can make you happy—or unhappy—but you! I was home alone this past Thanksgiving. Truthfully, it’s my favorite holiday. I love turkey and all the fixings but didn’t have them. When I found out my sister would be out of town and wouldn’t make dinner this year, I was momentarily disappointed. But, I CHOSE not to let it ruin my day. I didn’t have turkey but I had yummy takeout. I planned the day around me and got some welcome R&R. And I enjoyed it!

Find the joy in your life! Get your vibration up if you feel down by doing loving things for you. The more you do the better you feel. The more you do, the more self-love will grow.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money to enjoy the holidays. Take a walk in the evening and enjoy the holiday decorations. Volunteer somewhere that needs extra hands during the holidays. Doing things for others who are less fortunate can feel good and put your blues into more perspective. Everything fun and every kind thing you do resonates in your vibration and helps you attract more joy.

Give yourself the gift of joy during the holidays instead of letting the holidays create a negative vibe. That gives the Law of Attraction more good to work with! Ask for holiday miracles, with expectation and a cheerful attitude. Then look for them to appear!

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