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When you want something really bad but it doesn’t come, think about what’s making you, perhaps subconsciously, hesitate to work towards it. As I said in last week’s Law of Attraction in Action Series post, Detailing Your Desires, feeling the details of why your desire is calling you leads to it being fulfilled. When you hesitate to go for your desire, there’s something in your subconscious that’s holding you back. Often it’s fear. Think about all the things you want and then ask yourself what could go wrong if you manifest your desire.

You may not be vibrationally ready for your whole desire to come to pass. You may not be ready for it all but might be able to handle some of it. When you find yourself hesitating to go after what you say you want, even though you think you want it badly, turn to a general positive vibration that allows the Universe to work for your highest good. Figure out how you want your goal to make you feel. Most of us ultimately crave ease.

•    You want to be able to easily get the things you want.
•    You want it to be easy to feel good or easy to do the work you want.
•    You want it to feel easy to be in the relationship you want.

You must identify what’s not in your vibration or what things are stuck there that’s keeping you from reaching your goal. Acknowledge your fear. Don’t push yourself to feel what’s uncomfortable. No matter how much you want something, it might not be the right time. Often you hesitate because you’re feeling that. When you ask the Law of Attraction to help you find the first step toward your goal so you can be more ready, you might find one thing you don’t hesitate to do. That can lead to more. Or ask for help finding and  getting past the reasons for your hesitation.

I hesitated for 2 years to launch The Self-Love Movement the way I wanted it to be. I’d wanted to start it for years and then when the main components were in place, I got stuck. Every time I planned to send a press release or do something that would spread the word, I hesitated. It felt awful. Here I was, my dream right there for me to begin, and I couldn’t do it. Finally I asked to be shown how to overcome my hesitation and recognized that I needed a coach. I found one who I thought would be good to work with. I had money put aside for it but, I did nothing. The woman emailed a few times and I made excuses, saying I’d call when I was ready.

I found myself getting frustrated wondering why I hesitated every time I thought about making the first appointment. Then in June I went to an event and participated in a round table discussion led by Rory Kelly O’Connor, a coach. As I listened to her speak, something in me shifted. When it was over, I went to her, asked for her card, and told her she was my new coach. While I liked the other one, she wasn’t the right one for me. When I met Rory, I had no hesitation. I felt ready to rock with her! And she has helped me way beyond my wildest expectations!

When you realize that your desire is so strong that nothing can stop you, nothing will stop you. But sometimes it takes waiting for the right time or the right circumstance or as in my case, the right person. I’m so gung-ho, so excited, so ready to move forward with The Self-Love Movement that I can barely remember how I hesitated for to years. I asked the Universe to show me what I was waiting for and got my answer. Sometimes you have to start with that.

Hesitation tells you something is lacking that needs to be remedied before you can get past it. Ask for help finding the reasons. I needed the right person to work with, who could fill me in on what I didn’t know. I had the passion to help people to love themselves more. I was so happy to give my book away for free. Yet I hesitated. I believe that Rory came into my life at the exact right time. Ask for guidance and look for signs. They’ll show up if you’re looking!

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