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When I was transitioning from being a DoorMat into being an empowered happy person, I tried to find who I was and what I should be doing. Having never really used my talents, I felt very insecure about many of the things I did. After starting and running my own record label successfully, I began teaching workshops on how to do it. I felt comfortable doing it. But, when several people suggested I write books on music business, it scared me.

I did fine with my workshops but putting more details down in print felt wrong. I felt like a phony writing as an expert about music business. I didn’t know everything so how could I write books? I tried to do it but it didn’t work. Now I know that it was because I put out a message to the Universe that I was a phony trying to write books, so I couldn’t get further than a few lame tries. Feeling like a phony became my persona and the Law of Attraction reciprocated by keeping me unable to do what was needed.

Fortunately, a friend came to one of my music business workshops. After hearing me speak, he implored me to write books on the topics I taught. I told him I’d just be an imposter since I didn’t know everything. He laughed and insisted that no one knows everything, but I knew a lot, and could get the info I didn’t know easily. Many music biz pros didn’t know a lot of what I knew. His words got to me and I began to own how much I’d learned and what I could offer by writing books.

When I felt like a phony, I couldn’t imagine how I could do it, and I attracted a lack of ways to find out. Once I changed my thoughts and got excited about writing the books, ideas came to me easily. I realized that the best way to clarify what I didn’t know was to interview experts. The more confident I became, the more I attracted experts who were happy to share their knowledge in my books.

Having different points of view from many industry pros actually enhanced the quality of my books. Rather than just me giving my point of view I had an assortment to share. That made my info more valuable. Once I stopped feeling like a phony and owned my place in the music industry, I became like a magnet for good people who could share their expertise. And, by doing those interviews, I learned so much that I began to feel like a real expert. My books are some of the top selling music business books in the world because of it!

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