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When I was in high school, I had two little troll babies that someone gave me for good luck. I was told to rub their bellies when I needed it. They were small and fit in the palm of my hand. Whenever I had an important test in school, those little trolls came with me. I’d hold them in my left hand while writing with my right. Before the test I’d rub their bellies. And they always got me through my tests with flying colors.

Did having the troll babies in my hand really help me get good grades? In a way they did. Every time I held them during something important, I expected it to work out because of those lucky symbols. And because I expected to do well, I did. Of course I’d studied and knew the answers. But like most kids, I’d get nervous when facing a test. Those little trolls calmed me down and made me feel like it would all be good. That set my vibration up for manifesting and the Law of Attraction worked in my favor.

Many people use a lucky charm of sorts to get through times that make them nervous or to do well at something. They see them as bringing good luck. I see them as boosting confidence and making your expectations higher so the Law of Attraction can work with you in a positive way. It’s not the rabbit’s foot, or the lucky penny or my troll babies that bring good luck. Your expectations allow the Law of Attraction to bring you the “good luck.”

If you have a lucky charm, continue to use it to keep your positive expectations high. I still have my troll babies! And I still hold onto them when I’m nervous about something. I know it’s not them that brings things to me but I still like that symbol of belief and expectations. I don’t use them often. But if lucky charms help you to believe in a positive outcomes and lift your expectations, then use them! They can’t hurt.

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