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I recently called a friend who answered in a bad mood. “I hate my stove!” Sue blurted out. I asked what her stove did to deserve her hate. She laughed a little, then explained that sometimes is goes off in the middle of cooking which makes it hard to use. It also can take a few tries to get it on. She fumed as she told me about it. When I asked if she’d tried to get it fixed, she got quiet and said she hadn’t. Sue was so focused on her anger at the stove, she didn’t try to do something constructive about it.

A bigger factor in play was that her anger at the stove reinforced it not working. Hate is a very strong emotion. When you express hating something for a specific reason, you also reinforce the reason with the Law of attraction. So you’ll have more reasons to hate whatever isn’t working. Every time she felt hate for her stove for not working well, it worked a little worse. And, it blocked her from finding a way to get it fixed. Had she instead affirmed that the stove could be fixed and she was happy with it, she’d have attracted a solution more easily.

This is also an issue when you hate people. I frequently hear, “I hate my boss!” The reasons vary from a boss expects too much work from them to the boss undermines them with mean words and everything in between. But every time you say you hate your boss or someone else, you focus on the behavior you don’t like and will attract more of it.

Hate can consume us. And it gets you nowhere but bad places. It’s so much better to temper your emotions and let faith help you find a solution or a better way to deal with people who push your buttons. The more you keep hate out of your vibration, the more positive things you can manifest. Hate pervades and can immerse you in the kinds of vibrations that attract what you hate. Which vibration would you prefer?

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