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Happy September!

I always think of September as a time for new beginnings. The air gets crisper, the air cooler, and it’s easier to get revved than in the lazy days of summer. On hot and humid days, I’m not energetic and lose my desire to work hard. Even my mind wanders more so it’s harder to write. People are on vacation in the summer so getting things done can move slowly as people you need may be away.

I’ve found that life heats up in good ways as the temperature cools down, so it’s a good time to reevaluate what you want and can do. Take advantage. Most people are capable of doing a lot more than they think they are. And the fall—a time for new beginnings—is a great opportunity to begin to move forward with what you want. Consciously enjoying the fall air can strengthen your positive vibration, which allows you to attract more.

Get outdoors more and enjoy the fall air that’s starting to come. Fresh air clears the head and can put you into a good mood. Exercising outdoors is a great way to feel good. I miss running as often as I’d like when the summer weather makes it too hard. Yet I run in the park whenever I’m free once September comes. How can you make September your new beginning?

•    Make a list of what you’d like to accomplish in the next few months. Keep it handy so you can begin working on it just a little every day. The more they’re on your mind, the more the Law of Attraction picks up on them and sends what you need to make them happen.

•    Find more ways to exercise so you can become more fit, whether it’s at the gym or outdoors. I highly recommend doing something physical outdoors regularly, like taking a walk. Tell the Universe with actions that you intend to get more fit!

•    Learn something new to advance your career goals. Take a class or webinar that teach you skills that will benefit your work life. That sends a message you’re working to advance and you’ll get support.

•    Learn something new to benefit your inner health. Take a class or webinar (many free ones online!) that will teach you skills or a different mindset to improve your health and/or your mental outlook. A more positive mental state attracts more positive things.

There are so many opportunities to improve your life if you look and become more conscious of finding those things. As you create your own new beginnings of doing more for you, it makes your positive vibrations louder for the Law of Attraction to pick up on. And, it says “I love me!” Do something new today!

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