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We all have behavior that we do by habit. It might be an expression you use to respond to certain things or a face you make when you don’t like something or a million other things that are unique to you. But we also have habits of responding to situations that don’t serve us well for getting positive results from the Law of Attraction. Some habits don’t mean much. But others are automatic negative responses that can make a situation worse. Since you get back what you put out, each time you respond negatively, you attract more of it. Or your habit can become part of your personality, which can foster unhappiness.

For example, when you hear that someone has a chip on their shoulder, it usually means that person is in the habit of responding to words or circumstances or types of people that are reminiscent of a time he or she got burnt, hurt, etc or they’re reminded of a person who hurt them long ago. Someone who she trusted to work with on a project may have double-crossed her and now she’s negatively wary of anyone she has to work with. Or he was burnt badly by his first wife who took him to the cleaners and now has an attitude toward all women.

When your attitude reflects that you expect people to do you wrong, you’re more likely to attract those types and it keeps you locked in the bad mood that began with your negative experience.

Habits that contribute to what the Law of Attraction responds to are often unconscious, ingrained responses that you make on auto-pilot. You may wonder why certain things keep happening and keep coming to you without realizing that you’re attracting them with your auto-response. For example:

•    After a few little things go wrong, you say, “Why does everything bad happen to me?” After a few time where several things in a row go wrong, that question can pop up in your head whenever things don’t go right. But, each time you say it, you attract things going wrong.

•    You might automatically say “Woe is me!” when something goes wrong, which attract more things to be woeful about.

•    Acting up emotionally when you don’t get your way is another bad habit that attracts negatives.

•    Women are known for complaining that there are no good single guys available after dating a guy who hurts them. Can you guess why they don’t meet good guys?

•    If your mom tends to bug you, anything she does that isn’t to your liking can trigger a defensive remark or action that attracts more static between you.

•    One that I caught  myself saying was, “This computer always messes up when I’m in a hurry.” Hmm.. Since I stopped saying that my computer rarely messes up when I’m in a hurry.

The good news is when you watch for these habits and become aware of when you do them, you can break them. Begin to catch yourself from automatically saying negative things. Make an effort to talk things out with the person annoying you and find better ways to deal with what you don’t like. It can take time and vigilance but you can break these habits. Years ago, a spiritual friend said she knew why I hadn’t met a decent guy for a long time. It’s because whenever the subject of men came up I’d say, “All the good guys in NY are taken.” Shortly after I replaced that habit with “Many of the good guys in NY are taken but there’s a good one for me,” I met a good guy.

Being unhappy is a habit. Expecting bad things to happen is a habit. So is being happy and looking forward to great experiences. Remember, the Law of Attraction doesn’t choose what you get. You do, with your thoughts. So make sure you clean up any negative habits that may contribute to you getting what you don’t want so you can get more of what you do want!

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