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It’s common for someone to be fixed on being right about something they don’t like, even if they wish it weren’t right. When circumstances seem obvious, you can succumb to them. That’s a great way to use the Law of Attraction to get what you don’t want! Circumstances don’t create your reality. How aligned you are to something happening does. Being aligned means you believe it and it reflects in your vibration—the emotions you feel when you think about it happening.

Yet even people who understand that get sucked into what they think will happen because of what they see in front of them. I’ll argue with someone when I hear them say that while they don’t like what they expect to happen, they know they’re right about it. Knowing you’re right will make it right, even if it’s wrong for you. For example:

•    “Everyone in my office has a stomach virus so I’m right that my slight indigestion means I’m getting it too.” I’ve been around people who had the flu but when my nose got stuffed and my throat got scratchy, and people told me I had the flu. Instead of going there, I aligned with a belief that my symptoms just being a response to the temperature dropping fast and my system not being used to it. And I never got the flu. I refused to adopt everyone else’s “right” and felt better fast, without getting sick. Aligning yourself for good health allows good healthy to flow and stay with you.

•    “I’m right about canceling my event today since the sky is gray and they’re saying it will rain.” It doesn’t matter what THEY say. If you align your thoughts for no rain, and truly believe it, you can have your event. The more you worry and believe you’re right it should be canceled, the more likely it is to rain.

•    “I know I’m right that my job will soon be history because my company has to do layoffs and I was one of the last hired.” If you’re doing a much better job than some other people, your job may be safe. But if you feel right that you’ll be laid off, it’s pretty much definite that you will be. If you’re aligned with the belief that your boss will find you valuable enough to keep, chances are you won’t lose your job.

There’s a common question people ask: “Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy?” To put a Law of Attraction spin on it,: “Do you want to be right or do you want to be aligned for manifesting what you’d like?” You can rarely be completely sure of an outcome. Things can change fast with a strong change in your belief.

Ask yourself: “Do I want to be right or aligned for the outcome I’d like?”

If your answer is the latter, let go of being right in your assumptions and begin to adopt the belief that anything is possible if you believe, and you’ll get what you want, despite circumstances that seem to negate it. We all have to power to use the Law of Attraction to guide our lives down positive paths that make you happy. Use yours!

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