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The Law of Attraction doesn’t distinguish between what may be good or bad for you. It supports what you think about. Yet often we give our attention to things we don’t want because they’re right there. If you don’t get the job you want you may complain a lot about it—giving it attention. That creates a negative vibration. Or you might be angry at someone and that anger keeps you focused on what they did–more negative vibrations!

To manifest effectively, it’s important to not give attention to your current situation and instead, think about what you want.

Since we’re more used to thinking about what’s going on now, instead of looking past it to see what can be, it’s an auto-response to focus on our current situation. But change can come quickly if you allow it by not giving your current ways attention. You can “Oh woe is me for not getting the job” or “I know I’ll get a great job when the time is right.” Focusing on getting the job when the time is right attracts the right time for that job.

You attract whatever your attention goes to most strongly. And since negative emotions can be stronger than positive ones, they tend to win out—unless you make a conscious effort to put your full attention on what you’re going after. Stop complaining about what’s happening now and start visualizing a great future. The power to get what you want is in what you pay attention to. Choose your focus carefully!

See all the posts in my Law of Attraction in Action Series HERE.

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