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How’s your imagination? Do you limit yourself because you can’t see positive possibilities for the future? If you make the effort, you can use your imagination to see it. When there’s something you want to manifest, picture it happening in your head. See it, feel it, enjoy the picture. If not, what you want isn’t as strongly in your mind as it could be. And it needs to be strongly in your thoughts for the Law of Attraction to pick up on it.

I’ve had clients who longingly but wistfully, told me what they wanted. But they just couldn’t picture it happening. For example, Rod told me his plans for the business he wanted to start. It was something he could do on the side and then leave his job if it began to make good money. I agreed that it was a great idea and encouraged him to try. But he countered by telling me while he wanted it a lot, and knew he could do a good job, he just couldn’t picture it happening.

He went on to tell me all the obstacles he pictured. Negative are always easier to imagine!

He imagined all the reasons not to do it and that kept him from even trying to imagine what it would be like to have it.  Rod was his own roadblock for not getting started. He couldn’t let his imagination go wild and picture the life he wanted actually coming to fruition. He couldn’t imagine that he could actually just work for himself, even though he acknowledged he was good at what he did.

Often we can’t imagine great things because our past disappointments and failures are still I our consciousness and therefore we’re scared to imagine good stuff happening if it never did before. But the more your imagination sees what you want, the more your mind is in tune for the Law of Attraction to work to bring you what you want. So put your imagination to work and manifest more!

See all the posts in my Law of Attraction in Action Series HERE.

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