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People sometimes wonder how I can relax when there are many things I need. I wake in the morning when I’m rested, take my time beginning my day with a 15-minute meditation. I eat breakfast slowly and leisurely sip coffee after breakfast as I check emails. Then I begin to write or take care of other business things that need to get done. Except for the rare times that I’m on a tight deadline, I don’t rush through anything.

Most people I know feel rushed to get things done in order to get what they want. Feeling rushed or stressed or under pressure doesn’t feel good. And you need to feel as good as possible to manifest.

When I feel pressured and rushed, I don’t like how I feel. Stress can create negative emotions and physical discomfort, none of which adds to a positive vibration. And you need a positive vibration to make the Law of Attraction work for you! When your faith is strong, you’ll understand like I do that the best way to manifest is to relax and do what you can. While there’s nothing wrong with hard work, hard work that makes you feel lousy can do more to prevent getting the results you want. Feeling good about the work you do attracts it.

The most important thing you can do to manifest is to feel good.

That doesn’t mean sitting back and doing nothing. It does mean doing the work without putting too much stress on yourself. Often when you’re pushing yourself to do something, the motivation is thoughts about negative results if you don’t get it done. That sends out a negative vibe, which can counter attracting what you want. Sometimes I do that—falling into a pattern of trying to get hard stuff done as my plate gets overfilled. But when I recognize it’s making me unhappy, I slow down.

Putting your situation into God’s hands allows me to relax. I ask to be shown what I should do for my highest good and let the Law of Attraction bring me what I need. The more you relax in faith, he happier you’ll be and the more you’ll attract. Do your best to get the necessary stuff done, without feeling stressed or unhappy about it. God doesn’t want us to struggle!

Vibrations created by feeling good attracts the most, so make an effort to feel good about whatever you’re doing and desire. Even when I do work that feels tedious, I find ways to make it fun. I’ll play music I love. When I must do something I don’t like but that’s necessary, like make a call about something uncomfortable, I plan on doing something nice for me right after. So I just do the chore or make the call, knowing something good is coming.

The most important thing is keeping yourself in good spirits so you can manifest more, with much less effort. When your faith is strong, you’ll get what you need at the right time and you can relax into a joyful vibe, knowing it’s coming. That accelerates manifesting with less work!

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