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When you have stress in your life or negative things on your mind, it’s hard to create a positive vibration. Since the Law of Attraction doesn’t distinguish between good and bad, letting the negative feelings that stress you or a situation you don’t like put you into a bad mood or rule your thoughts attracts more of a negative mood and more of what you don’t want. Since you control what you attract, it’s all in your court to think the right thoughts and create a good mood.

Getting that positive vibration can seem tough to do, but you can, with a lot less effort than you think.

Bring up your vibration with pleasure. Find and do things you like and focus on them. Go see a movie you’ll enjoy, preferably a comedy or a heart-warming story. Absorb the good vibes you feel watching it. Play music with positive lyrics and sing along with feeling. Go for a walk in nature or to a playground and watch kids having fun. Look through photos of vacations and other times you had joy. Call a positive friend. Play with yours or a neighbor’s pet. Do something that feels good.

Years ago I was feeling a bit down and went to see the movie Legally Blonde by myself. While I enjoyed the movie, the final song really perked me up. It was an up tempo, with catchy positive lyrics. “It’s a perfect day; Everything is going my way….” I left the theater singing that song with a big smile on my face. And my mood stayed good all night. The next day good things happened that I believe I attracted with my positive vibration as I continued singing that song.

When that movie was on TV, I taped it, not because I want to watch it a lot but I have it cued to the end. Sometimes when I’m feeling my vibration getting negative, I play the end of the movie and sing along with that song. It always changes my mood for the better! Shifting your thoughts to pleasant ones can make your vibration more positive quickly.

When you’re feeling negative, or down, find your happy place. Just shifting your thoughts to one you like can make a big difference in how you feel. Small things that bring a smile to your face or warm your heart also can replace a negative vibration—IF you allow it to!

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