Today is Independence Day in the US. Our country got it’s freedom and we celebrate that. Make this also a day for your own freedom–from what others want from you, from old beliefs, from limitations and all the other things that hold you back from what you want to do.

Try something different today, however small. Do a little thing that scares you or that you’ve never done before. Take a risk! Talk to someone you don’t know. Look in the mirror and affirm that you’ll do your best to.take care of you. Find something to do that shows you care about you and want to be free of old restrictions on your life.

Independence is a priceless gift you give to yourself. Our forefathers fought for their independence. Fight for yours! Stand up to people who try to keep you down or who take advantage of you. Give yourself the freedom to be YOU, instead of living in the shadow of what other people determine for you. It’s truly a lovely place to be.

Happy Independence Day!

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