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If you’ve been reading this blog, you know I’m a big proponent of treating yourself with love. That includes allowing yourself things that will make you happy. I’m not referring to buying yourself a fancy car or something else that will put you into serious debt. But occasional splurges feel good and should motivate pleasure, not fear of spending or guilt about it. The more you trust that you’ll be able to pay for whatever it is, the more the Law of Attraction brings you solvency to pay for it.

There’s a difference between spending money on something that will make you happy and spending money on things because you’re unhappy and want to soothe yourself with purchases. The latter can put you into debt and the joy goes away soon after the purchase and you look for other things to try to make up for the dissatisfaction with your life. I’m referring to saving up for a vacation, then thinking you shouldn’t spend the money and should put it in the bank or buy something practical and essential instead. Or you want to buy the better lotion or wine or coffee but your inner voice tells you to just buy the cheap brand and save money.

Giving yourself pleasure is essential and you DESERVE splurges The more joy you feel, the higher your vibration for manifesting.

Yet too often a purchase or other splurge that should bring joy is marred by negative emotions about it. So the pleasure of the splurge is tempered by guilt and you don’t really enjoy it. It also tells the Universe you don’t feel you deserve the splurge, which can keep you stuck.

•    “I really shouldn’t spend money on something that’s not necessary.” Redefine necessary! It doesn’t mean just the basics. Life is meant to be enjoyed. Showing yourself love by allowing yourself to have things you desire is necessary. You can budget to allow an occasional extra.

•    “I could use the money to buy my mother a new vacuum.” We often spend money on others that we won’t spend on ourselves. I did that when I was a DoorMat. It’s important to embrace your right to take care of you first. Then help others if you can afford it.

•    “I shouldn’t hire someone to clean my living space since I can do it myself if I ever find the time.” Ask yourself how happy you’ll be to have someone clean for you. I can attest it feels great. Time is precious. Having a clean living space makes you feel good. Find a way to get some help. I have someone I pay to come here once a month to clean my bathroom and kitchen only. I can vacuum and dust the rest of my place but those two rooms have always been a pain to clean. So they get scrubbed clean once a month and then do my best to maintain them until the woman comes again. It’s part of my budget and I’m always happy when she’s done. That’s worth the money!

Guilt about spending on pleasure holds you back from getting more good stuff. When you spend from a place of self-love, and enjoy whatever it is, you can attract amazing things!

For example, I always want to buy a pair of Fit Flop sandals. I’d heard they’re great for walking, which I do a lot of. Regular flip flops hurt my feet if I walk in them too much. But Fit Flops are expensive, so I never got a pair—until last summer when I was in Macy’s and happened to come down an escalator which landed me in front of a display with the ones I wanted. While I’ve seen some pairs for $75 or more, these were $50, which is still a lot for flip flops. But I wanted them! After trying them on and loving how they felt, I decided I was worth the price and would have no problem paying for them. And I had a discount coupon for $10 off a purchase that I’d use.

Another person might have put them back or felt guilt about the purchase. I had some big expenses coming up so it wasn’t the best time for a splurge on a practical level.

But wanting to make myself happy was a good enough reason and I put out the intention that I’d get something extra to pay for them. When I told the cashier how excited I was to buy my first pair, she told me how lucky I was. Though there was no sign at the display, they were on sale—the first time she’d ever seen them for a lower price! Thirty-five bucks! With my coupon I paid $25—half price! When I decided I was worth the purchase and put out my intention to pay for them easily, the Universe made it easier. I love walking in my Fit Flops and smile whenever I think about how I bought them. I’ll buy another pair when they wear out as I’m hooked!

Guilt mars joy. If you decide to do something for yourself that costs money, relax and have faith that it will be fine. Don’t ruin your pleasure with guilt or fear about money, as long as you’re not going overboard. Trust that you’ll have the money to pay for it. Strong faith really does take care of us. And the more you enjoy your splurge, the more positive vibrations the Law of Attraction can pick up on. That’s a win/win purchase!

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