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It’s normal to keep our thoughts on WHAT IS going on in our lives at the moment. After all, it’s right there in front of us. If WHAT IS is what you want, that’s great. But, if you want to attract a lot more than what you have or something better or you actually don’t like WHAT IS, it’s important to shift your thoughts to your desire, and let that reflect in your vibration.

I had coffee with someone I’ve known for a while, though not well, who is very tuned into using energy for your own good. She always seems upbeat and positive. But, when we got into some personal stuff, she confessed to being stressed about money. She sheepishly told me all her troubles and how it’s been hard to generate an income. The vibration I was used to was replaced with one that was very down. The more she talked, the more I saw why she’s in her predicament of not earning enough money.

Instead of focusing on getting excited about what she wants—to bring her vibration high for manifesting—she let her current situation bring her vibration down—to manifest more of what she has and doesn’t want. She’s struggling, and it’s all over her. She says she wants to make more money from her skills but her vibration tells the Law of Attraction she really wants to remain in a place of low cash. It screams sadness and doubt about earning what she wants.

For a long time I found it hard to focus on what I wanted as if I had it already. After all, how could I get excited about saying I was very rich if it felt like I was just surviving. It can be like playing make-believe. Then I learned that the stronger my faith became, the more I could believe I can manifest. The more I get myself excited about what’s coming, the more I can say I have what I want in the present tense. The more I say it, the more I get excited. That brings the rewards of manifesting from the Law of Attraction.

When my agent was pitching my last book to publishers, I often screamed, “I have a fabulous book deal!” Every time I got a copy of a letter from a publisher saying they weren’t going to sign the book, I happily expressed that it wasn’t the right publisher for it and the right one was coming, instead of feeling rejected. I never use the word rejection. Any editor who turns down one of my books is just not the right one for it or is just not smart enough to recognize how good it is.  I focus on the editor who offers the good deal and always get it! And my next book has a fabulous deal with a publisher I love, which I knew would happen so it did.

The more you focus on WHAT IS right now, the more you manifest more of what is right now. When your vibration reflects your current circumstances, it’s hard to move past them. Picture yourself having what you want. Feel it! Taste it! Immerse yourself in the joy that comes from feeling you have it. When I consciously do that, great things happen for me. They can happen for you too if you make the effort to express excitement about what you want to have, as if you have it and stop thinking about WHAT IS. That helps the Law of Attraction make what you want your WHAT IS too!

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